Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Gratituesday is such a good thing! It makes me stop and reflect on what the Lord has been doing ...and whether I have remembered to sincerely thank Him.

This week, I am SO thankful for His provision for my oldest son. My oldest son, Keenan, will be going on his second Mission Trip and God (not Mom) has given him everything that he needs to go! Now, he has had to work hard for a big portion of it-but our gracious God provided every one of those opportunities! (Again, not Mom!)

He went last year and had the privilege of praying with 2 little boys. One to be saved and when he asked the other if he wanted to be saved, he replied, "I already am saved. I just been having trouble lying." :-)

God is precious!

--and to anyone who reads-it'd be a blessing to have a few of your prayers for him and the group that he will be going with!

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*The above pic was taken when they went across the border last year.


gelinlik said...

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The Happy Housewife said...

How exciting for your son. I pray this trip will make as much of an impact as the last.

Niki said...

I will say an extra prayer for him and his good work. YOu must be so proud.

Laura said...

I think it's wonderful how you point out how GOD is the one who provided all of the opportunities and financial means for him to go on this trip. It's so easy to take credit for ourselves.

What a wonderful time for your son. I'm sure he will be so blessed as he works to bless others.

Donna said...

Thanks so much ladies!