Friday, June 13, 2008

Grocery Shopping Fun

My Once a Month Shopping Trip went so well this time. I was so blessed everywhere that I went.

It may sound odd to some, but I sincerely pray over my shopping and most times over meal preparation. (You never know what my happen around my stove ya know!)

Why? Well, I pray that God will help me to make wise and healthy choices for my family and also that He would lead me to the right 'deals' so as to help me keep within my frugal budget!;-)

Here's some of the deals that I found:

Bread Store-

2 packs of 24 buns for .99

3 loaves of whole grain Bunny bread for 2.19

4 loaves of dark wheat for .50 cents each


a whole ham for $5 (I know, I know, -we usually don't eat this, but DH loves them so its a treat for him)

medium eggs- .50 a dozen (only bought 2 cuz 'yard eggs' were coming!)

cantaloupes-$1 each-bought 5

2 packs of old, I mean ripe, tomatoes and peppers for 60 plus cents each

organic red grapes for .99 a pound (bought 6 lbs)-they had ran out of the sale-priced grapes and sub-ed with these-what luck! rather, what blessing!

Turkey bologna- .99 (bought 2)

Blackberry Jam- $1.25

Turkey-- .49 a pound (I asked the owner if he had one in the back and he offered me this one because it had a small tear in the plastic and told me if it wasn't good to toss it out and he would replace it for free!)

4 roasts for about $4 each

5 -4lb bags of frozen chicken for $20

green onions- .25 per pack

6 red del. apples- .69

Honey, wild flower and clover mixed..not a such a good price but this honey is OUTSTANDING

At Save-a-lot,

package of 6 onions for .69

bags of precut slaw for .50 (bought 4)

whole wheat noodles-$1.29 (bought 3)

frozen veggies- .80 to $1 (lima beans, stir-fry veges, crowder peas, speckled butter beans, broccoli normandy, etc)

vanilla- .99

sweet potatoes- .79lb

ripe bananas- .90 to $1 for packages with about 10 in them-bought 4

At Leo's,

watermelon- $4.99

chicken breasts- 99 lb

round steak- $3 plus

Toilet tissue- $4.99 (Cottonelle! yah!)

onions- $1.49/3lbs

cabbage- 3lbs for $1

carrots- 2lbs for $1.29

apples- $3.29 (gala-s! yummy!)

peaches- $1.29 lb

At Dollar General Market,

Low-sugar syrup- .99

Ground turkey- .99lb

Frozen veggies .80 to $1 (corn, peas, mixed veggies, etc)

oats- $1.39

At Kroger I had a real blast! I thought I was going to upset some folks but by the time I got finished and my savings were announced--they all wanted to know how I did it!
When the guy totaled me, my order was over $200. Somewhere around $220. Then he scanned my card and rang up all my coupons, for a total savings of $98.59! Looking at the receipt, my total paid was $117.00! How does this average up? Well, I bought a total of 99 items which means I saved about a $1 on every item that I bought! God is so good to help me!

Here's some of what I bought, including a chocolate splurge;
4 bags of Dove on sale for 2-$3.99- I had 2 B1G1F coupons and 2 for $1.50 off. So $1 for 4 bags of Dove made it simply irresistible!!!!!!!
Promise Spread 2-$2.95- had 2 coupons for .50 off which was doubled so 2 of them for .95
Yogurt on sale 2-$4 and had coupon for $1 off -bought 4 pks for $4
Kraft BBQ - .79 had coupon for $1 off 3 (3 for $1.37?)
String Cheese- $3.50- coupon for $1 off
Wh.Wh. Rotini- $1.69- coupon for .55 off-doubled
Smart Mayo -$2.49 coupon for .50
Kroger Yogurt- 5/$2 bought 10, coupon for .50, doubled
Lots of frozen veggies- .90 to $1 (brussel sprouts, chopped broc., peas and carrots, turnip greens, etc)
cereal- 2/$5- coupon for $1 off each box and store coupon for $3 off 5 boxes ($4.50 for 5 boxes)
Rice- markdown .74, coupon for .60 off
Colgate- $1.50- $1.50 off coupon

I'll stop here......but I just wanted to encourage those of you who shop for deals!
Also, shopping once a month, like I do, means we eat the fresh veggies first (sometimes I freeze some things, like chopped peppers and onions) then later we eat our frozen veggies and fruit!

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