Thursday, June 5, 2008

A nice supper after a busy day....

These guys were lucky to get a decent meal out of me yesterday. Boy was I tired! We worked in the garden all day in the hot sun-90 lovely degrees. We loved it, but we were all worn out.

I had to come in, give baths, get one myself and fix supper.....yippee!

Silly me had not laid anything out so I took some chicken breasts from the freezer, heated up the oven to 425, and covered them in a nice homemade BBQ sauce made from Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce, honey, onions, and black pepper. Tossed it in the over and went to shower.

When I got done, the chicken was almost ready so I put on some Uncle Ben's Quick whole grain rice(bought with a coupon!)--added some green peas towards the end--steamed some broccoli and heated some pinto beans, from a can.


Nothing like keeping a little of this and that around!
*Total cost was about $7 with lots of leftovers.

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