Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roast, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Carrots

I ran through Kroger last night and couldn't pass up a real deal on some grain-fed beef. Here you see some of the roast, yummy!
-I cooked the roast in the crock last night, took it out today and placed it in a 9x13 and took some of the juices and made a gravy. I coated the meat in the gravy, covered the dish and stuck it in the oven until it was time to get it nice and hot for supper.
-About the mashed poor family...they never know what I am going to do to their food! lol I added some chopped garlic to the potatoes as they boiled and just mashed them in when they were all done. I used about 1/4 stick of light butter along with some homemade buttermilk in the potatoes....yummy! Better than sour cream! (I sometimes toss in some chopped parsley but I didn't have any fresh or frozen, bummer.)
-DH thought he was going to get by without carrots, HA! I did try to make them different and as pleasant as possible. A little butter, brown sugar, ginger, and a dash of cayenne. Yummy! Cayenne can enhance your flavors if you use just a dash, and no one will ever know that it's in there!

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