Thursday, June 26, 2008

Food for the Day

For Lunch we had Turkey Polish Sausage Skillet Dish and Baked Beans from the crock pot. I had sweet brown rice for those who wanted dessert.

Supper was a new recipe that I based on THIS one called Cream Cheese Chicken. I didn't follow the recipe exactly and I didn't cook it in the crock. I simmered the chicken in broth in a big pot and then added the remaining ingredients and I also doubled her basics. (I used whole wheat noodles and veggies too.) A good recipe, easy on the salt!---If you love Crock-pot cookin'; she's got a recipe for everyday of the year! (or rather plans to!)

And for dessert: WHOLE WHEAT BLUEBERRY CAKE! One of my favorite cakes of all time! My kids gobble this up --and boy am I glad they do, cuz I would if they didn't!

In spite of 2 dentist appts. today, I still pulled it off! Another day of frugal home cookin'!

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Just Pure Lovely said...

Oh, I absolutely must try that WW berry cake!

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