Monday, June 9, 2008

Tasty Bun Sandwich

I found some WONDERFUL buns on sale at the bread store. I had seen them at WalMart but wasn't willing to pay a big price for them. One is flavored "Pepper Jack" and the other "Chipotle Chile". They pack a great taste! (And they were just .50 cents a pack at the bread store!)

Well, here's what I did with these beauties:
I had bought a 'slaw mix' for ..50 and mixed it with a little light mayo, can you see it on top?
Then I sliced up a red onion, bought on clearance for .15 cents.
Put on some yummy turkey bologna (on sale .99) and some pepper jack cheese (on sale for $2 and used a coupon for .55 off) and sliced up a very ripe tomato (.20 cents clearance).....and there sits a tasty treat!

A gourmet sandwich on a frugal budget. 8 sandwiches was less that $4.50!

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