Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It felt almost like Christmas today when these arrived; herb teas! I love tea (and coffee)!

DH heard a radio commentator praising Passionflower about the time I ran out of my usual bedtime tea. Fortunately, I had read THIS article at Tammy's.
I couldn't wait to contact the Bulk Herb Store!

I bought these 3 large bags for what the amount in one would have cost me at a local store--and they are excellent quality!
Here's the first cup, made for DD with a little honey....which lured in a few DS's to give it a try too!


Niki said...

My brother is a huge tea drinker. I may have one once in a while but since I drank it while pregnant I have a hard time now. I was sick as a dog throughout the whole thing so anything I ate during that time I cannot now. But I LOVE my coffee (as I am gulping some)

Donna said...

My DH calls that 'foundered'===when you can no longer tolerate a food, especially if its something that you ate until it made you sick, lol.

I love tea--gives me a good feeling. Makes me feel good to think that I might be doing something beneficial for my health.

But Coffee (notice I capitalized?)-- if it wasn't for this irregular heartbeat thingy that I have (and one or two other 'unmentionables') I would drink it from sunup 'til sundown! Every now and then I do it anyway, but I wish that I could every day!!!!!