Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Summer Snack Bowl

Sliced Cukes, Carrot Sticks, Green Grapes, Tossed Cukes, and some dry crunchy (supposed-to-be-healthy) cereal. Oh, and there's some dip in the middle for the veggies!

This snack was whipped up after my little girl (forced) asked her brothers to come to her 'art school'. This turned into quite an event.... as soon as they came in the room and she told the youngest that he had to sit here instead of there, he started crying. Then she had me print her up some how-to-draw sheets for here 'students'. Which led to snap and nap time for her class....... sigh.....but this is the special snack that I whipped up for her class. She was so excited that I used the special snack wheel!

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