Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For the love of fish......

Have I told you how much I love Tilapia?Ahhh, it is my favorite!

I simply baked it in a buttered dish until flaky and seasoned with Emeril's.

*Seen here with steamed broccoli, buttered brown rice with onions, and cukes with plain yogurt and cumin.

Easy and good, and yes, healthy!


Niki said...

I have never heard of this fish. Is it similar to cod? I am sure if I go to a fish market I can find it. Fish is so expensive here, you think it would not be since we live on the coast near fishing communities.

Donna said...

You're missin' a real treat - if you like fish, that is.

I guess like cod, but the flavor is superior to me. It's not strong and its so pretty and white! :-)

It is usually imported from China and WalMart and Kroger sell it here. We also have several restaurants that have it on their menu as well. Ryan's, O'Charleys, etc.

Hope U can find some! Yummy!

Linda said...

Yummy. I love fish. Thanks for an idea for dinner

Donna said...

Thanks for posting!

I'd rather have fish than just about anything during the summer!