Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Are you thankful for the little things? Do you even pray about what many would call the little things or even 'insignificant' things? If people around you knew about some of the little things that you pray for, would they think you're silly?
Well, just in case you've been tempted to believe that, allow me to tell you about a few little things!
See that box up there? Yeah, a couple of tomatoes, a few cukes, a few home-grown apples, and some little peaches....(the BEST peaches that I've ever tasted by the way)...Well, this little box was given to me today by a friend. (There were a few more in here by the way but my kids get real excited over little things too so they dug right in!) I don't know about you but for me, it's in these little things that God seems to speak to me the loudest! It's in these little things that He seems to say the most clearly: "I care for you and I am your Provision!"
It also seems that when I am faithful with these little things along the way that He gives me more or in some cases the little things seem to say:"I know you need more and help is on the way". Do you ever hear it? Am I the only one? :-)Mat 25:21
I remember (this is going to be REAL silly) once when I said; "God, I really would like to see some flowers around here. I'm thankful for my yard Lord, you know I am, but I would love to have a few little flowers outside".
Well, stupid me, I told someone that God cares about the little things and that I prayed about little things often and then told them about this teeny little request (to the God that owns Streets of Gold) and you know what they said?! They told me that He didn't care about such foolishness and He had a lot of real issues to deal with and that He was basically absent through many of life's day to day issues. (Hhhmmp! Not my God!--I thought.) Do you think God cared? Do you think that He heard me and that He wanted to show His love for me in my simple little request?!? Do you think He hears you? Do you think that He doesn't want you to know that He loves you? Do you think He's too busy to show YOU a little love today?
Well, 2 days later, this little pack of flower seeds arrived in the mail for me to 'sample'!!! My heart was filled with joy as I thought "He does, yes He does! HE DOES CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS!"
Now Please, I know that flower seeds are a little silly. I do know, really, but the Lord and a few others around me, know that there were some pretty terrific things going on around me at that time and well, we all want to know God is there and hearing us when we are facing something tough........and what better way for Him to show it than in the LITTLE THINGS!?!?!?
Today, I'm SO thankful for the little things! May God show you His love in the little things!
1 Th 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Prov 16:8 Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.
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Awesome, awesome post! God DOES care about the little things!!! All of them! By the way, your box of "little things" looks delicious!

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Thanks for posting ladies!