Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As school is starting and things are being reorganized for those wonderful and busy days ahead, I stopped again, to thank the Lord for His Provision.

I promised Lyn a little more about this story so here goes; Many years ago, I noticed the RC (Robinson Curriculum) and was intrigued by it but never thought I could do it for several reasons. 1. I thought I had to have a curriculum that looked kinda like a 'real' school curriculum. 2. I thought I would need everything else plus this to make it all work. 3. I just tried to trust God to provide and guide because there's just so much out there that looks good and when it comes to books--- I AM THAT BIG FAT KID WITH CANDY! I want it all! :-)

But years went by, more kids came, I had kids tested, etc. I became more confident to a certain extent in my abilities and in theirs.

Then harder times hit, and still more. We found ourselves looking for resources to homeschool for free and also at homeschooling scholarships. Well, I ran across a dear lady who...to cut this short...was able to get me the Robinson Curriculum.

I loved the idea of it, but at first glance, I panicked a little thinking "I gotta print all this?!?!"
But I learned, a lot and fast. And I knew I had to have a laser printer or I would never be able to get it done with an ink jet. (Slow and couldn't make it through one book without running out of ink and I broke the one that I had, trying!)

I prayed for days....it's even written in my Bible, as I waited for God to move. Well, we got access to a little extra money after a good bit of waiting and we went to Staples. I knew we'd have it tough, especially when I'd heard that they would be nearly $300 on average and maybe a sale for $200 on a lower name. Not to mention the ink/toner was something like 50 to 75-yikes! But I soon learned that they can print thousands of pages..... but, we didn't have that much money. What we had was set, and we needed God to do something.

So, my DH just finally told the kid we really need something really cheap. Well, the precious little lad said, "There's one in the back that's actually a fax, along with a scanner and printer. It's not exactly what you are looking for. It's older, a little slower, but its on clearance and to be honest with you, I was going to buy it myself." Well, low and behold....it was only $50! And it was a laser printer!

But the best part is God's signature on this whole deal.....lemme explain. When we got done and checked out, the total that we had verses the total of our purchase was just pennies away from one another! We didn't get over that for days!

But now, the really cool part is, you can get toner refill online now for between $5 and $10! (with S+H) That prints around 2000!

So my Gratitude this week is over what God has given us for school. He knew what we needed. He knew how long we would have the need. And for those of you who don't know much about the RC, it takes them all the way through 12th with even a few college courses on it. So, this year, my only spending was our 5-cent notebooks to write in (a little over $5 worth of them) and a box of copying paper! Oh, and a few more 5-cent portfolios.
How's that for frugal?
And the best part of all, is that my kids love it! They actually have a blast reading these books!
I am so thankful to the Lord! He has been so precious to my kids! Hasn't he been to yours too?!?!
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Please don't think that I am knocking ANY other curriculum, I'm not. My post is simply to share about God's Provision. We have many different things around here from other publishers that we've picked up over the years from all sorts of places, prior to getting the RC, some of which are still used. My little ones are using a Mennonite phonics program from which I had leftovers from the older kids. Again, my post is about God meeting a need and how much it has blessed!


Laura said...

WOW! I loved reading this and hearing how God gave you just what you needed!!

Anonymous said...

That is a great story and I'm glad you shared it with us.

That's wonderful that your homeschooling expenditures are really so low. You show it doesn't have to be expensive to do so.

May I ask where you get your ink refills for such a great price? What great blessings.

Donna said...

I can't find where I ordered it last. But keep in mind that it's toner, not an ink jet. They are 2 very different types of printers.
But, here's a site that has some listed for $6.95 http://www.precisionroller.com/toner-refill-for-samsung-ml1010/details_20540.html

For laser/toner machines, you usually would replace the cartridge. In the store that would cost up to 65 buckaroos!

The laser/toner machines are a better investment if you print alot and black/white. (Some do color, but not mine. Some of the fancy ones also print on BOTH sides!)

But each cartridge or refill can print like 2000 + pages, depending.
Here's the stats from another place: Typical toner cartridge - $50-$60
Page yield - 2,000-3,000 pages
Average cost per page - 2-2.5 cents per page

Typical inkjet cartridge - $20-$30
Page yield - 400-500 pages
Average cost per page - 4-6 cents per page

Lots of info, but mighty handy if you are in the market for one!

Donna said...

Also, I've noticed something else about the difference in these two.
Things I print on DH's inkjet will smear with the least bit of moisture (bad for recipes:-)--
but my toner prints NEVER smear if they get a wet.

-My kids often knock water over on their books, so this has been thoroughly tested,lol.-