Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thoughts ......just for Laura!

  1. DH is outta town and he took MY laptop that his brother gave HIM and I don’t want all my pics on his pc soooo…I’m gonna have a bit of catching up to do when he gets back with MY/HIS laptop. AND, the sweet little lappy is acting up on him so maybe he won’t take him, I mean it, with him next time. (Yes, I have a personal attachment to the laptop- it’s got all of MY stuff on there!)

  2. Since he’s gone, I’ve been working like a mad woman AND making the kids work, which they are SO happy to do (since they had the choice of school work or Mom’s work). I’ve made about a dozen quarts of lamb and beef broth, pickled/fermented about 5 quarts of cukes (with more to go) and 1 quart of green tomatoes, made kefir-so yummy, put up some mushroom soup, snuck some ground liver in the kid’s spaghetti, let them make their own pizzas again (a great idea from Laura!), got some major cleaning done-including my very messy sewing area, made several quarts of Rejuvelac and lovingly persuaded (some with force and some with chocolate) the children to take a couple of drinks and even gave some to a neighbor-friend, and I did not put on fresh make-up today but if you repeat that I will carefully place chewed bubblegum on your favorite shoes!

  3. I am drinking a nice cup of herb tea and I have had wayyyyyy too much coffee today and I even let my kids have some with tea biscuits. Well, it’s organic!

  4. My sweet little princess has an insane animal for a pet, that I really think has a mental disorder—he does crazy things! Picture this, we bring this ‘puppy’ home (‘cause “she’s the only girl and doesn’t have a sister”—I cannot believe we fell for that one!), and until we ‘break him’ (he’s broken my patience more times than I can count!), we decide to keep him in the front bathroom at night (after he cried ALL NIGHT LONG the first night, in my room!)….okay, okay, I really am going to tell this….so, okay, in the bathroom he goes and being the nice animal lovers (–just completely suckered by a kid is really what I mean here)….sorry, ...........Ok, so we put him in there, place a baby gate over the doorway and you know what happens, right? He climbs out! This little, tiny fur ball, that weighs all of a pound, comes right up and over the gate! Ok, that’s realllllll cute! But being the smart and sleepy person I am, I put TWO baby gates up there---one on top of the other—there’s only a few inches at the top, ya know? Well, doofus, I mean Captain, climbs over BOTH gates! Needless to say, all of my animal sensitivity went right down the toilet of the room he was in and I shut the door! I’ll tell ya more stories about THAT dog sometime…nutty creature!

  5. My daughter asked me for a cat. After the dog she picked out, she’s thinks that she’s going to get a cat!?!?

  6. My neighbors think that dog is adorable. I’ve offered to give him to them. Well?!?!?

  7. My zucchini plants are killing over and I don’t know why. Are they done? Are they sick? Did I do something to cause their demise?

  8. Back to that dog…..Laura, mm-hmm, if you still have ‘the touch’ would you care to dog-sit for me? :-) (If you don’t know what I am talking about, you’ll just have to go read Laura’s Blog!)

  9. I often get a kick out of finding contentment with what I have, but my kids don’t always. You know, sometimes they (forget and) say “I’m bored” and then I tell them “there’s lots to do around here” and then say “come on” while I lead them to weed the garden or hand wash the kitchen floor. You know, stuff like that.

  10. ….you know that stupid dog, I mean Captain, really gets on my nerves. Me and DH were being quiet one night, watching one of our episodes of The Waltons and that brainless dog, I mean Captain (who really thinks I like him, which makes him even more pathetically pitiful-well, just pathetic) has made the back of MY recliner his ‘place’ during this nice-QUIET time at night…..well, right when all is quiet this dumb dog, I mean Captain, who is asleep, falls right off the back of my chair, nearly giving me a heart attack.

  11. Ok, one more stupid thing this dog does. If you open the front door, he dashes out as fast as he can. BUT- if you say his name (he’s so dumb that he can’t even figure out how to stop his body when it’s in motion) he will stop running but his body DOES NOT STOP MOVING and he slides and drops right off the porch like Wile E. Coyote when Roadrunner plays tricks on him and I NEVER hear a Beep! Beep! -so I know it’s just because he’s stupid that he does this.

  12. Do you know what I call that dog? I suppose you know it’s not Captain by now, right? I call him Super Doofus; Super-Do for short.

  13. I am currently memorizing this verse: Prov 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

  14. I like to play in the rain-always have. As a little kid, I played in the rain. 15 years old, played in the rain. 17, played in the rain. Newly married, played in the rain with one of my friends. Now, I let my kids play in the rain while I sit on the porch, wishing that I could be out there but knowing what will become of the paint on my face and the spray in my hair if I do-- I just sit.

  15. We are normally up late and everyone who knows us knows that about us. Well, my oldest turned 16 last week and 6 of his friends (including the Preacher) showed up at midnight to sing Happy Birthday to him at the top of their voice on our front porch. I thought it was funny. DH did not think it was so funny. But you know what wasn’t funny to me? That goofhead dog, whom my daughter adoringly calls Captain, ran out the door and I had to carry him in by the nape of his neck because he was about to bite one of the singers. Stupid dog!

  16. The cows are moo-ing across the street. Wonder how they like poodles?
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Laura said...

LOVE IT!!! Thanks for joining in with the randomness!! Um, I don't think I'd better take the dog. Really I don't. And that decision has nothing at all to do with all the things you said about it...him. :)

Donna said...

Thanks Laura! It was just for you, but every word of it was true! ;-) Hey! I made a rhyme!