Friday, July 11, 2008

(Mom and) School Supplies

I was so excited when WalMart's school supply sale finally started a couple of days ago.
We use Robinson Curriculum, so the main things we need are copying paper and spiral notebooks.
Well, these precious jewels are on the best sale ever FIVE CENTS EACH!
Made my day! We bought over $5 worth of them, about 100! All of my kids were sooooooo excited!!! (We were down to one!)
My kids keep 2 notebooks for their school work, one for Math and the other for Writing/Vocabulary assignments.
But they also have a 'special' one they keep in their 'special drawer' (the drawer that no sibling can get into without permission that also has special things that they don't have to share -and probably candy,lol); and yet one more that is their own 'creative notebook'. They can draw or whatever they want in there but most of them love to write their own comics, an idea started my the newly-nine year old.
I personally keep about 7 of them going at once. One that is used for my 'once-a-month' grocery shopping, one for recipes(often the ones that I make up on the spot and I write down what I'm doing, just in case it turns out good enough to share;-) and menu ideas, one that I keep Bible study ideas for the kids in-my own curriculum you could say, one for letters to the kids (I'll tell ya more about this in another post sometime), one is a 'to-do' list, etc.
So as you can see, this is a great find for us!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love notebooks too! You got a really great deal on them. I grabbed up a few supplies today at Wal*Mart too. Can't beat the prices right now.

Donna said...

I can't live without my notebooks---I wouldn't know what to do, they hold my directions!