Thursday, July 17, 2008


Of all fruits, I think the strawberry is my favorite! So when I ran across Sonshine's recipe for REAL Strawberry Muffins, I knew I would have to try them! Here's the link to her post with the recipe: Strawberry Muffins .
*I used half cane sugar and half wheat flour.


Niki said...

Oh if you only knew how this came in handy. I have 10 lbs of strawberries sitting in my fridge and I am out of steam for making jam. (made 4 batches already) I am going to whip up a couple to freeze for this week.

Donna said...

10 lbs of strawberries?!?! What a treat! Bet U R having a blast!

Sonshine said...

Those look yummy!!! Glad you enjoyed them! :)