Monday, November 10, 2008

dem bones dem bones, dem cow bones!

OK, so I don't call them 'cow' bones around here---they are known as 'soup bones'. I also don't show them off too much to the 'consumers' that live here either. They are huge and they've obviously been sawn asunder! One of them that I got this time looks like it could be a joint, perhaps the ankle or knee. So, to avoid any 'weird' looks or comments, I keep the lid on tight! My mouth and the pot!
But anyway....these lovely little things make THE BEST broth ever!
I read Sally Fallon's books and the high raves about the richness of these broths but I thought "RICH?" It just didn't fit cake maybe, but BROTH???!!!??
But with much delight, I've discovered that it is indeed rich!
The flavor, texture, consistency, all are very rich!It is a wonderful way to get those much needed minerals and a great broth for a cheap price!
Some stores will give them to you, others may charge anywhere from $1.29 a pound to $1.79 a pound. But it will be well worth it!
The broths can be used as a soup base, you can also cook your rice and other grains it it, or for gravies and sauces!

It's very simple to make too!
Rinse them, place them in the pot, fill with cool tap water, toss in some vinegar or lemon juice, and simmer for a day or two.
I usually take a couple of days to simmer them, often turning them off at night so as not to worry.
Very frugal and very nourishing!
Can you see the milky color? Sooo good!

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