Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's Menu

Boy, what a week we had at my house last week! I can't wait to write allllll about it on Gratituesday!!!!!!
I've been busy as a lark today, getting ready for some yummy cooking this week! I have the remnants of a ham/hambone simmering in a pot to make some broth and to use in a pot of beans, which is also soaking on the stove!
I also canned about...umm..12 quarts plus some freezer bags of wonderful beef broth. I bought these huge beef bones at Kroger a couple of weeks ago and decided to pull them out to work them up over the weekend. I've simmered them with a few dashes of raw vinegar for the better part of the weekend. The result is a rich and milky broth that is more tasty than anything bought at the supermarket! (I added another half-pot of water and more vinegar to make another half batch. The bones are so big, I know there's more good to be had from them!--and you know I'm way too frugal not to milk them for all they have!) These will be great to have now that it's getting cooler!
I also took some time to print up some Math tests for the little home school-ers...hee hee hee....the Evil Homeschool Mom strikes again! (Shhh, it's going to be a -surprise! hee hee hee hee;)
-kid's choice
-spinach salad, chicken soup, wheat crackers, cheese stick, cookie and cinnamon twists
-popcorn chicken, fries, cantaloupe, fresh applesauce
snacks: popcorn, organic corn chips/squares of dark chocolate and butterfly cookies
-bagels with strawberry cream cheese, sausage links, pear sauce
-veggie beef patties, baked acorn squash, fresh brussel sprouts, rice pudding
-beans cooked with ham, buttermilk cornbread, corn, greens; brownies
-snacks: bubble yum smoothies, salsa and organic corn chips
-kid's choice
-Turkey Sausage Potato Soup(recipe to come) with Whole Wheat Rolls, brownies
-Chili, crackers, bananas
snacks: oranges, cheese sticks, cookies
-breakfast burrito and a smoothie
-chili-cheese potatoes, fresh applesauce
-Matzo Meat Pie (recipe to come), mashed potatoes, green peas, applecrisp
snacks: oranges, flax-cakes, celery sticks with dip, salsa and chips
-soaked oatmeal, sausage patties
-if there is still leftover chili, we'll eat 5ways, if not-soup!, muffins
snacks:popcorn, sliced oranges, cookies
-kid's choice
-turkey sausage and brown rice casserole with white sweet potatoes, green beans, cookies
-Chicken and Dumplin's with DH's choice of sides and cornbread
snacks: salsa and chips, celery sticks and dip, orange slices, peanuts
Now, I'm all set for the week! How about you??
For more menu plans, visit Menu Plan Monday !!


Just another SAHM said...

The broth sounds fantastic!
I'm getting down the dregs of my turkey stock & will be busy making more as soon as Thanksgiving is over. ;)
Ahh, ham & beans...def. fall/winter comfort food!

His Girl said...

We are getting our beef back from the butcher in about 10 days - and I had already asked to keep all of the "dog bones" - for canning beef stock. I love to see that others do that!

Your Menu Plan looks great!