Monday, November 24, 2008

MONDAY'S MENU- Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's Monday and we started our Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday.
Tons of food was cooked and we will be eating all of it for days.
It's a great way to make these days special with my kids. DH will usually clear up the kitchen and make things easy to come back and eat as we want, while me and the kids go play!
Games, Web-kinz or just hang out. For more about our Thanksgiving and for a few of my personal Thanksgiving recipes CLICK HERE! (Includes Sweet Potato Casserole, stuffed celery, punch)

-Sunday- our Thanksgiving

-Monday -Wednesday-
Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch and supper and breakfast will be kid's choice

-turkey sausage and biscuits
-Sherried Turkey (from leftovers), sweet potatoes
-for supper, believe it or not, it's been a tradition to drive through town when the whole world is home eating Thanksgiving and eat at the only fast food joint open (usually Arby's)

-soaked oatmeal
-Chicken and dumplings for both lunch and supper (let's keep this week fun and easy!)

***If you happen to need a handy dandy special Menu Planner for this week, please visit Laura's for a free, printable menu planner! (And please note, she made it Just For Me! and you too of course!)
******HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!**********

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Niki said...

Happy Thanksgiving Donna to you and your family...from your faithful Canadian reader.