Friday, November 21, 2008

Stock Up on pre-Thanksgiving Deals!!

Walmart, as well as many other grocery stores are really running some great deals this week! It's a great time for stocking up!

SWEET POTATOES-.25 a pound at Walmart

TURKEYS- .69 a pound at Food Lion and many home-town stores this week (This is a great time to buy up for Christmas and even Easter! And who says that you have to wait on a holiday to cook a turkey? A nice sized turkey can cost about $15 when bought on sale and can make 3 meals (easily) for an average sized family. A great frugal and healthy deal!)

FRESH CRANBERRIES- 2 for $3 at Food Lion and I think $1.67 at Walmart (These can easily be tossed in the freezer if you want to stock up and then you can simply whirl in the blender or nut chopper and toss them in your bread or muffin mix. You can also use frozen ones in smoothies and slushies! Yum!)

BUTTER- Land'o'Lakes is $2 at Walmart and coupons on in several places on the net (Eversave and Smartsource) (You can freeze this up!)

APPLES- are still running at good sale prices, especially in home-town stores

NUTS- I've seen pecans and walnuts on sale in various stores too!

CHEX CEREAL- is on sale at 3 for $5 at Walmart and usually coupons are online for these too.

CHICKEN BROTH- great time to buy for the pantry! It's on sale in lots of places and coupons are in several places, including those little boxes in the store.

COOL WHIP AND CREAM CHEESE- several sales on these here and there. Freeze the Whipped Cream, but I'm not sure about cream cheese. Anyone know if you can freeze it?

****Those are just a few. But it's my Frugal Friday tip=look for the deals and stock up!


Barb J. said...

Yes, you can freeze cream cheese. I just posted about freezing cream cheese because I got a great deal on some!

Prudent Homemaker said...

Cream cheese, if unopened, will be good several MONTHS after the "expiration date" if just kept in the fridge (I have gone 8 months past with no problems).

Another Walmart sale--they have Campbell's Cream of Musroom and Cream of Chicken Soup for 60 cents a can. They have cases of it out, so if you want to buy cases at a time, you can stock up for the year and not have to pay a higher price all year; just wait until next November!

I'm not sure where you are, but her our Kroger Affliate has russet potatoes for 25.8 cents a pound, and they have a spend $25 get a turkey for $6 deal. I just cooked a turkey for us today!

Donna said...

thanks so much for posting!
I love your site! Great tips, advice, links, etc