Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tagged, I'm IT!!---7 things I love about my Kitchen...

My kitchen, my kitchen! My kingdom is my kitchen!
We've had so much fun and made so many memories in and around my kitchen.
I'm sharing some old and newer pics with you. (I just did my Once A Month Shopping and there's 70 pounds-give or take a few- of potatoes in there, along with: 15 pounds of onions, 4 acorn squash, a cantaloupe, 2 bundles of green bananas, 2 pomegranates, 6 sweet potatoes, 3 white sweet potatoes, 6 buckets of flours and sugars, a cooler with a thawing ham, a huge pot of simmering beef bones, 3 sacks of apples, 20 oranges, 3 grapefruit, about 4 strings of drying hot peppers from the garden, a pot of fat from frying smelt, etc etc etc- just piled up something wild! And well, I just didn't wanna show you all that ;-)
Since this pic was taken, my kids have gotten older and all the what-nots and pretties have been removed. Us frugal, hard-workin' Mamas don't have time for such distractions! Just more work to clean them!
I remember telling DH one day; "I like all these pretties, but they just slow me up!" And out they went! 'cept for a few piled on top of the cabinets which are likely very dusty! :-)
But, here's where you'll find me a lot of the time....
And the kids are here a lot of the work..... and here they were making a Gingerbread House last year around this time....

But...on to my 7 things for the TAG!

1. I love the black and white curtain that I made for my window! It's! Also in this pic, if you'll notice underneath the cabinet is a radio/CD player. (Have I told you how much I love talk radio?) 2. I love this handy-dandy can rack that DH picked up for me for $5 at the Goodwill! (Beats having them stacked up in the floor in cardboard flats!)

3. I love my flat top stove/oven! Especially when it gives me perfectly baked wheat bread! (and so does she!)

4. I love my dishwasher - especially when I have these peeps to help me load it! (They used to play in, as you see here, ....but now, some of them are big enough to load it!)

5. I love my big table (and the fact that it's full of kids) and that I can stand at the stove and look right over at them....they also do most of their homework here so I can be close while they work! (My! how my babies have grown! and WOW! it's gotten more crowded around this table!)
6. I love my sweet Kitchen Aid! It's my best buddy! Especially when it mixes up whole wheat bread like this:

7. and...I love that I can take a few steps, look out my back door, and.....
see these beautiful sunsets!

Thanks Amy for the fun TAG!

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

I love your busy, full table and your view outside your door. Wow! Thanks for sharing!