Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trying to get a shower, when you have a houseful!

Today was one of those days.... I had laundry going. One load in the wash and one in the dryer. That's the good part about this day.
I go to get a shower and discover that MY towel has been left laying half in and half out of the shower. Which means that it's not going to get much water off of me!
I then check under the cabinet, only to see that there are no clean towels! (Yes, I know that is my own fault. (remember the two loads of laundry?) -and I'm very much aware that it is MY job to clean them and see that they get put back. But-- I am still very much amazed at how fast they all can get dirtied up!) Ok, I've already got my clothes off, got goop on my face, and I don't feel like getting half dressed and yelling for someone to run down a towel from another bathroom, so I decide to just use the hand towels. I'm a make-do kind of gal and besides I really just want to get this over with, I have more productive things to do, ya know?
Now, you know the hot water runs out while I'm in the shower, don't you? Yep, gone. Cold showers are a blast! And it also means that I can't easily wash the conditioner out of my hair which will likely mean more time drying. Great!
Well, I get out, and make-do with the little towels. But, as is custom this time of year, the bathroom gets hot because there is no air conditioning running. And did I mention my conditioner problem? Yeah, it's hot. I get my make-up half on only to feel something hit my lip and look in the mirror and see that I'm sweating so much that my make-up is nearly dripping back off. Standing there, I hear off in the distance, "Do you need Mom?" And I'm hoping; please don't need Mom right now. For, as is custom, I'm usually called upon at least two times during this process because someone 'needs' something. But, this time I managed to be off the hook.
Also, I always listen to talk radio while getting ready and found the subject matter to be very depressing to boot. They are talking doom and gloom, and end of the world type stuff, and I'm thinking; "Try being locked in an inferno with no dry towels and a hair dryer!"
But then I remind myself, at least I'm alone! No one can see my frustration or my melting make-up! Yeah, stupid....but at least I was trying to have better thoughts!

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