Thursday, December 4, 2008

What's the easiest way to keep kids quiet while you read to them?

I try to take time everyday to read to the kids on various subjects. Currently, we are reading a set of History books together, after their homework is finished. A little before bed we are reading a book about a little Pilgrim girl. And at bedtime and often other times of the day, we read our Bible.
The hard part is the earliest reading. It's hard to keep them quiet and still
I made this little snack plate to help them out a little!
Whole wheat crackers, Colby cheese, Havarti cheese, raisins, and sardines to spread on the crackers! 4 out of my 6 loved the sardines!
-And- it worked!!!
They were quiet and more attentive!

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Christy@MercyEveryMorning said...

I agree...this works very well!