Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another frugal tip for the locals! :-)

Leo's on Spring Street and Hill's IGA often have big 50lb bags of potatoes for under $15.
It's not uncommon to see them on sale for $9 and $10!
(Last week they were $10.99!)
Now potatoes may not be the best thing for a gal on a diet (carbs) but they sure go along way
when you are trying to feed a family! And what husband isn't happy with meat and potatoes?

Hill's is across from Papa John's down towards Algood.

Leo's is diagonally up from Burger King. (That's how I get my husband there; he can find his way to anywhere if you mention the closest hamburger joint!)


Joy said...

I love potatoes!
Last month a local store here in sparta was runnning a deal on twenty pounds for 4.99..we bought some! I know they are carbs but hey they are great for meal stretchers and crowd pleasers...will have to check out your you have a running price list on local stores?

Donna said...

running price list?

Do you know that you can check prices each week online for Food Lion, Kroger, and any other main line store here or there?

IGA, often has good deals on produce and often local produce at that...sometimes on meat to however, the quality is sometimes iffy honestly. Sometimes they have a sale on eggs too. But anything else in the store is usually pricey.

I can hardly wait for the new store to open across from Kroger in March!