Friday, January 30, 2009

Frugal Fridays...

Several years ago we had to purchase a new refrigerator.
DH and I debated a bit about something a little more 'fancy' and something a little more 'frugal'.
You know which side I debated on don't you?

Well, he won out!
And I'm so glad....this is one of the best purchases we've made for our family.
Since this had a filtering system, water has been our drink of choice now!
It was my part in the little deal between me and Dh.
I told him that if we purchased one, I wanted the children to start having ice water at meals and he was for it. (It cut out lots of sugar drinks!) I was making kool-aid at least once a day, usually more and now...maybe twice a month as a treat!

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BarbaraLee said...

Did you know you aren't suppose to drink anything 30 mins. before or after you eat? Does something to the digestion of your food.

Mom2fur said...

Sometimes, you have to look at the big picture before you realize what you'll really save--your 'fancier' fridge saved you money in the long run!

Organized Nutrition said...

That is great! We love the water in the door of our fridge... the kids are always getting some!
We drink Milk with meals... but water the rest of the time! We only have OTHER THINGS when we have lots of people over...
My hubby grew up on Koolaid and such, and thought it was mean at first to water down juice when they were babies, and only offer them water! BUT now, after they finish their milk at a meal, and ask for more... he is the one to say "GET SOME WATER if you are still thristy!"

Donna said...

yes I have heard that too.
My kids drink the most of it later as the water cups are almost always on the table...however, I have a couple that thinks they just might croak if they don't have a drink! So, I figure water's still the best choice! ;-)
But thanks for the reminder, because I still remind them of this periodically!

tis true! It has saved alot more than money in the long run!

it was the same here! My DH now says it too! Yippee! :-)

Cinnamon said...

Hi Donna~ I love my water filtering system on our fridge too. Great for little ones who are ~always~ thirsty :-)

Enjoying your blog~ Cinnamon

Cinnamon said...

Donna~ you asked about a remedy for your sons tonsills. Well my cure all - if caught early enough - is GOOT. Do you know about it? It's a garlic mixture and you apply it in a poultice to their chest or on bandaids and apply it to their feet. Depedning on how sick they are depends on how often you apply it, varying from every hour (really sick) to twice a day (regular sick :-) If you go to my blog and go to the search button on the upper left side type in GOOT and it will take you to the recipe on my blog. Hope it helps. I'm never afraid to call in the big guns and use antibiotics I just try to do all I can before I get to that point.

Jennifer said...

I hesitated for a long time on buying a fridge with the water dispensers on the front. Finally when our fridge died in September we decided we should go ahead with it. It has been great! The kids love to get their own water, therefore they drink more water. I agree it was a great buy.