Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bone Broth....

For chicken, use the bones from one carcass, or several bones from other pieces. 
For beef, use at least 2 cup-sized bones or more. 

 Just add a quarter cup of vinegar to your water and simmer 12 to 24 hours. 
You can add onions, celery, etc if you like, but its not necessary. 
(I keep a bag in the freezer and save peels from onions, tops from celery and carrots, and other veggie scraps and toss in my broth.) 
You can also make this in the crock-pot. 
Freeze or pressure can your broth. 

I have better luck with 24 hours. ...It will turn a milky white and smell (and taste) very rich. 
You can use it in soups, to cook rice, gravies, etc. 


Anonymous said...

My dad saves venison bones for me! I use them to make a variety of delicious soups! I'm always shocked how much meat I get off the bones!

Donna said...

Oh I bet venison bones would make an amazing broth!