Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just anything to tempt me....

Hershey' really go out of your way to entice us, don't you?!!?
Not only do you have dark chocolate, but now ORGANIC!
What's a girl to do?
(not to mention putting these on SALE!)
(smack, drool, smack)


Joy said...

Ok just where are these on sale at? Oh and you know dark chocolate is healthy for you so does that mean it is okay if I have say one or two of these little babies? HA LOL!
funny..tempation temptation right!

Donna said...

But not the dark....which I prefer since I can nutritionally justify it!

Organized Nutrition said...

AH, I just finished munchin' down a 1/2 a baton of 70% Cacao dark chocolate Conserto! From Trader Joes... the BATONS are long and yummy! 1/2 one is just 120 Calories.... so just 15 min on the eliptical and this yummy treat will be burned off!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna said...

you are making me drool!