Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can there be fast and healthy snacks for the working/busy mom? PT 1

YES! Here's a sample list of some things to keep on hand for 'quick foods'! don't have to buy the ones in a box just keep them in a ziploc with small empty yogurt cups to scoop out a nice serving!


-whole grain bread ...toast and jelly-super quick or toast and peanut butter


-boiled eggs in the fridge


-nuts, even soaked per N.T. can be stored in the fridge in serving size bags or containers

-beef can make this yourself if you like or buy some!


-roasted peanuts



No need to tell them to go grab a Little Debbie or potato chips!


Shelly said...

Neither of my kids like vegetables (big surprise). Rather than fight the battle several times a day, a few years ago I started giving them vegetable/fruit juice mixes. Then, I found that I often just didn't have the time to make juice from scratch so I started buying it. Of course, I later learned that there is a LOT of sugar in these juices (even if they are 100% juice). I had stopped giving them juice altogether until I recently came across a brand called First Juice that is 50% less sugar than other juices without being diluted with water. They have really cool flavors too like blueberry + purple carrot and it is certified organic. It's worth a shot if you are busy!

Donna said...

Sounds great!