Friday, January 16, 2009

Have I showed you these? and are dehydrators a good gadget?

I bought a whole bag of these peppers for less than a dollar!

I just couldn't pass up a bag of these pretties for that price!

So, I brought them home, washed them up and sorted out the ones that had bad spots and dried the rest!

So, when is a Food Dehydrator a good gadget?
Well, if you are a kitchen-kind-of-gal and you prepare most of your families food and you try to keep nutrition in mind...then it just might be a gadget for you!

I bought mine many years ago, like 12 or so, and I used it for apples and fruit leather mostly.

It was pulled out once a year and used often during the fall for apples!

But in recent years, I have found many more uses for it!

My kids LOVE homemade beef jerky!

And I have loved it for several garden foods, like my zucchini chips!

There are also several recipes in the Nourishing Traditions book that are easier with a dehydrator, like the crispy nuts (since my oven doesn't go as low as the recommended temperature).

Sound good to you? You might can find a good deal on one used, or on a good sale since they were put out by the bundles at Christmas time.


Organized Nutrition said...

YUM! We did onions and green peppers this past fall for the first time... we borrowed the inlaws Excaliber... OH HOW I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Either way, sadly the onions are already gone... must be because that is the ONLY onions I will use...LOL!
Those look great!!!!!!! THANKS for sharing them!

Donna said...

Ohhh!! Onions and peppers sound wonderful!

I buy tons of onions! My garden onions didn't come up.