Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, the things you can find in the freezer!

I had my two oldest boys put on gloves today, and do a really cool job (literally!).
-Take inventory of the freezer!
You go boys! (and thanks!)
To my happy surprise, they found these 2 baggies of frozen zucchini from the garden, along with 2 baggies of pumpkin puree! Woo-hoo!
A garden- the gift that keeps on giving!
With the zukes, I made these Cocoa Zucchini Muffins with butter and kefir.
With the pumpkin, I'll likely make more of these Pumpkin Oat Muffins .
The neat part is that I really didn't think I had anything from the garden...I had used most of what it gave me, just as soon as I picked it! ;-)
Ah, God is good!
My frugal tip; keep track of what's in your freezer! (yes, this tip is for me too!)


Joy said...

How funny! I pulled out frozen zukes yesterday too and made 2 loafs of bread one for my mother in laws birthday. I love zukes..we are planning on planting many more!
I was wandering have you ever had October Beans?

Donna said...

October beans? I don't think so...are they the same as cranberry beans? ( I do love those!)

I love zukes too...I was so surprised to see them because they only did well for a while last year and then just died! Did yours do that?

Joy said...

My played out fairly early too and so did my squash! We were over run with squash bugs! We killed all we could every time we were in the garden we sprinkled with flour and nothing helped.
My husband and I were doing our gardening journal last night and I told him I wanted at least 10 zuke plants! I love them! We eat them grilled, baked, fried on salad and then we freeze for breads and things. My kids love them as well. I was very sad that they didn't last long!

Organized Nutrition said...

Isn't it fun to find LOST THINGS???
I was moving stuff around in my Fridge Freezer (we have a bottom one, with a drawer at the top of it... HARD to see in there....) and I found a bag of SNAP PEAS from 2007,,,, I use a vac. sealer, so they were SUPER at supper! We do still have some frozen ones from this past season... but to think... Peas from 1 1/2 yrs ago...!
Are garden was GREAT this past year..... Here is sending gardening vibes your way!

Donna said...

lol Denai, I'll take 'em! (the vibes)