Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh Waterbill, Waterbill.. I'm trying to be frugal.......

For the past several months, we've been in a battle with our water bill.
It seems that they went up on the rates back in March (although I haven't been able to help but wonder if they are sneaking up every month ;-).

But during this process.... aggravating it has been.....I've learned some things to check up on to make sure that your bill is as frugal as possible. ( With 8 people in my house....frugal water bills are probably out of the question but hey!?!?!??...I gotta try! :-)

We replaced all of the parts in all 3 of the toilets for starters. We are not completely happy with how they are now working, but the bill dropped $20! (The last two months have been doozies!)

We've also learned that we can check the meter ourselves! (How liberating!) .....We've learned a simple little trick; check the meter before everyone leaves the house....try to stay gone at least 4 hours and when you return, check it again. No water should have passed through that meter but if it has....check everything! The toilets....the outside spickets....buckets under faucets....under sinks....under floors if possible....and then make sure no water is puddling between the meter and your house. If the weather has been very dry, you may not have a puddle but it might need some investigating if major water is passing through the meter when no one is home.

Here's to beating our water bill into frugal shape!


Marnie said...

Great advice, thanks for sharing. We have a well so we don't get a water bill. But if we have a leak it shows up on the electric bill since the pump has to work harder.

Donna said...

Thanks for the input Marnie! I've never had well water so that is news to me. I'll be armed for frugality, just in case, now! :-)