Saturday, January 3, 2009

Herbs 101: Passion Flower

This beautiful flower can often be found in fields where I live. We picked some last year while taking a walk around the graveyard during VBS. They are a very unique flower.

I have been using this dried 'herb' at bedtime. It comes highly recommended by Michael Savage as an aid for insomnia. I have noticed that it does give a rather good sense of sleepiness! It has become part of my nightly before-bed ritual. (*I like to mix it with other things, peppermint in particular for flavor. It seems a bit bitter when steeped alone.)

Passion Flower can also be used for anxiety and nervous disorders from different things that I've read. It appears to have a calming effect. It also has many other uses. Any ailment that would need muscle soothing and/or calming would be benefited by this herb.

I find buying this herb in bulk to be the most frugal. Not to mention, this is likely a far better alternative for your health in the long run, than pharmaceuticals.

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(**I am not a medical professional. I'm simply sharing my findings about herbs!)

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