Friday, January 16, 2009

Returning from the green side...

What a week!
DH got sick...then when my big boys came in on Sunday, they were sick.
And, fight as I might, the whole house got sick except for oldest D.S. and I still think his turn might be coming! 3 nights ago we had musical know...where all of the kids took turns getting up and well, you know,...then 2 nights ago, I had my turn! I told them that I wasn't gonna let them win this 'puke bash'...not without giving it a shot! Yeah, I can laugh now...but yesterday...I just laid on the couch wishing my headache would go away! But their color has returned, and the talking, and the appetites; for the children anyway. one is in the green today! Yippee!

-hope your homes are warm and's cold here in TN!

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