Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swirly Buns

How do you like my swirly buns??

I made these using Sonshine's recipe, sub-ing some of the flour with wheat. (I found some in the back of the freezer! Yippee!) Kids love 'em!

I just rolled out little 'snakes' and rolled them up.
These could also be dipped in melted butter then in a sugar-cinnamon mix for a nice treat too!
(*Served here with Hamburger Soup.)


Organized Nutrition said...

OH, those are tooooo die for! YUM! I just love bread, making it, eating it.... any bread! (my thighs show it too! LOL!)
Thanks for sharing these I will have to try them out!

Donna said...

I love bread too...so does all of my kids, which is good..otherwise I'd eat all of it myself!

Sonshine said...


Thanks for the linky love! :)