Monday, January 5, 2009

Tea Balls: for steeping loose tea

Just in case you've ever wonder :-)....this is my tea balls! Meet Little T and Big T.
Little T is the smaller tea ball on the left. I use it for single coffee cup size steeping. It can hold about a tablespoon of packed herbs and/or tea. I usually prefer this one for my daytime tea. It screws together in the middle, making it easy to use and it is stainless steal and very durable. It can be found online in many places but I bought it at the local Health Food Store for about $2.49. A good buy, especially considering that it is almost impossible to damage!
Now, Big T that you see there on the right? - It's used usually for my night-time tea. I put nearly a dozen different types of herbs in my bedtime tea and usually use my big 2 + Pyrex measuring-cup to steep it in. This could be used for a small pot of tea as well. It can hold several tablespoons of tea/herbs. It is more of a screen, mesh-type material and has a clip-type latch that I have found to be pretty delicate. (I've destroyed two of these! -and this one has been bent back into shape a time or two.) They can be purchased at WalMart for apporx. $1.99 and considering how much they can hold, still a good value.
--Just in case you wondered what to do with teas and herbs!


Cinnamon said...

Ohhh I love using my tea balls. Aren't they the neatest little contraptions. I like the tea ball that has a handle that you squeeze to open the tea ball and scoop up the tea, then release it to lock it.


Donna said...

ohhh- I don't think that I've seen one of those! Sounds great!