Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trading Keebler for Crunchy!

I've been thinking about my former 'junk food cabinet' for the past couple of days... It now houses many other things like corn tortilla chips (often the organic ones), nuts, and a few whole grain snacks. It's also kept a little neater, now that it's not running over with cookies and chips!

I decided to stop buying that stuff and start making more from scratch a couple of years ago for two reasons. 1) It's cheaper and 2) I know it's not filled with a bunch of things that I would prefer the kids not eat!

I've re-routed my savings to the fruit and veggie department. My kids hardly even ask for the junk anymore but will readily let me know what their favorites are in the produce area!

I've also tried to expose them to as many fresh foods as possible and made it a regular habit to bring in a 'new' and 'odd' food from time to time 'just to see' what it tastes like! A game of sorts!

I've always tried to feed the kids what I thought was 'good for them' but the more I learn, the more I try to apply to their eating habits.

DH has been very flexible in letting me do whatever I like, just as long as everyone is happy and full! ;-) That always helps, when you can get cooperation from the head of the your home! But even if your DH isn't so cookoo for crunchy food, you can still try offering the fruits first or make them side dishes! Cooked apples, pears, and fruit sauces are always a treat! And instead of icing for a cake, mix up your own lightly sweetened berries for a topping!

Another thing that can be done is buy those mini ziploc bags and make up fridge-snacks that they can get between meals. Yes, it might take you 10 to 15 minutes to make up a few or half an hour to make up enough for several days....but it will save time and money in the long run and benefit your child's health for a long time!

My kids have not been seriously ill in a long time. And I don't remember the last time any of them had to have an antibiotic for anything! Their doctor is probably wondering if we've moved! The last time we were in there was over a year ago and before that it was a year or more. More fruits and veggies seems to have had a big pay-off!

I've also began using more and more herbs and vitamins as our 'medicine'! My oldest will ask for 'tea' when he's sick and the one under him won't admit it, but 'tea' always gets him better. (He complained with his ear and throat/neck the other day and I gave him a good strong tea with lots of honey and within hours he was all better!)

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