Monday, January 5, 2009

What's to eat--this week?!?!

-kid's choice
-turkey patties, salad, rolls* grapes and pears
-tacos, black bean salsa and chips *cookies
-org. pastries
-split pea soup, rolls *leftover cookies
-fried chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, green peas *jello
-org. pastries
-breakfast burritos, applesauce
-Beef steaks and gravy (crockpot) over brown rice, kale greens, corn *orange slices
-soaked oatmeal
-soup and salad *brownies with walnuts
-beef-sausage balls (*see note) with tomato sauce over penne, garlic bread *something sweet with peanut butter (*see note)
-coconut brown rice
- soup and salad, leftover p.b. treats
-ham-bone beans (from the leftover Christmas hambone), cornbread, greens, cooked carrots, corn
-kid's choice
-chili from leftover beans, bananas and grapes
-roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots, speckled butter beans

***** Sausage was on sale at Kroger, even the 'natural' kind with no msg,etc.
***** I bought a big bucket of peanut butter several weeks ago for $10! Gotta get to using it!

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