Monday, February 2, 2009

8 babies?!!?? ok, Here's the problem....

You've all heard about the lady who just had 8 little babies at once, right?
What is that called? Octuplets?

Well, anyway...
Yes, I think it is certainly debatable about the ethics of a doctor implanting that many babies (for some of you, embryos) all at once. If their purpose is "life" they should not implant more than a mother could logically carry and still have a healthy result for mother and children. If their purpose is "life" they shouldn't implant a dozen babies then tell the mother to abort 90% of them! That is just plain nutty!

HOWEVER, ladies, let us think!
Many are out there chattering away about how the almighty government needs to go in and regulate people like this mother. But you MUST think of the end result of that kind of action!
uhmmm CHINA! Yeah! China! ...Do you really want to be told how many children that you can have?!?!??!??!?

The fact that she had 6 already is NONE of the government's business! It's just not.

If we let the government make it their business...the end result will be them telling us exactly how many we can have and what sex they should be and then, it won't even matter any more if it says "Made in China" or "Made in U.S."-- we'll be so much alike, what difference will it make?

What do you think about this?


Anonymous said...

I think the problem is, that she is a unwed mother. All the children were conceived through a sprem donor. Who is paying for her to have all these kids without supporting herself?

Donna said...

That's part of the spotlight of this thing. She will be making money doing interviews and photo shoots, etc of her and the children.

Soooo.... she will be self-supporting before this is over!

Organized Nutrition said...

Here is my feeling....
WHO and WHY did they implant sooo many eggs???? I mean, unless she was ready to DO selective deduction... why would that have been done???? I told my hubby lastnight that GOD didn't make us to have litters! If I were to have IVF, I would have 4 implanted... safe enough to carry all of them... and no reason to abort any of them (I couldn't do that....!)
My feeling is... WHY??? Or maybe that is my question!

Anonymous said...

Why? Because according to the media she was "obsessed" with having alot of kids! Not only did the taxpayers probably pay for her IVF we will be paying to raise all those children!

Anonymous said...

I think that having 8 babies at once and the precious media will pay for the babies.

Donna said...

How many of our grandparents and great-grandparents had a dozen kids? (and struggled to feed them but none starved)

I just don't think the issue should be the individual rights of private citizens.
People should have personal freedom. If we let that be regulated, then we open a can of worms! Government control will not stop there.

We are asking for a situation like they have in China.

If the goverenment wants to regulate how much money they GIVE to people, ok fine. (I would much rather see a regulation on how much they TAKE from people at this present time...but that's another matter.) But for them to pass personal regulations on personal choices.... It's a violation.

And it won't stop there.
It will be religion, and what we feed our kids, and how we school our kids, and what we teach our kids, and discipline, and medicine, vitamins, etc. It won't stop!

Anonymous said...

To me the issue is the IVF....did I pay for her to have 14 kids??

Anonymous said...

I don't see how tax dollars could have or would have paid for that. Not the IVF anyways.
Maybe the OB and birth, but the IVF would not likely be covered under the government insurance.

Donna said...

You girls have kept this one exciting, thanks for commenting.

Sometimes its fun just to see what others are thinkin'!

Anonymous said...

I just have issues with this because it is not biblical what she did. I think the problem lies with she is not married and well the babies weren't a product of a loving home.(don't know how to really put that) I don't think the government should be allowed to tell us what we can and can't do with our children. I don't think they have any right to interfere.
The only issues I see is this was not biblical at all, the lady didn't conceive by natural ways. I am just really wandering Why this lady felt compelled to do so. It will be really hard to take care of 8 little wee babes, I just hope they aren't mistreated or anything.
Can we base this on thus saith the word? Can we justify what she did on Thus saith the word? I think not.
It is a sad world we are living in so much wickedness going on the devil is trying his best to tear about Family and what it stands for and husband and wife and what they are founded on and what a "family" is founded on scripturally.

Donna said...

I agree Biblically that this whole thing's just shocking!

But on this one, I was dealing a lot with the political because of how it COULD affect those of us with Biblical views....if we say that one person can't have kids or can only have so many because of her morals , from the governing laws of the land, then we risk good christian homes being restricted as well. That was my only point here. Restrictions bring more restrictions, bring more restrictions.

Did you hear about the lady in, I think Great Britain, that their human services was trying to take her child away because of her child being overweight and what she was feeding him?

How about in Canada where the preacher was jailed for quoting Bible verses on homosexuality?

Joy said...

I definately think the government is stepping over their lines when they think they can interfere with our homes..
From a political stand point I see what you are saying yes.
I just hope and pray that we don't become like other countries where the government tells them how to raise their kids and how many to have. If some had their way here in America we wouldn't be home schooling right now, that would be very scary for me. I pray we don't come to that, but I think we are on the threshold of similiar things..who knows what is to come.
Reminds me to be much in prayer!