Sunday, February 8, 2009

Far from God, Away from Jesus....

by Robert Harkness

Far from God, away from Jesus,
Straying in the paths of sin,
Knowing not God’s full salvation,
Jesus calls you midst earth’s din.
Come, ’tis Jesus calls you;
Come, without delay.
He is willing now to save you;
Come, O come today.

Why continue in your roaming?
Jesus bids you come today.
Mercy’s offer still is open;
Why not come without delay?
How much longer will you tarry?
How much longer will you roam?
Listen, Jesus calls you to Him;
Will you not at once come home?
Can you stay away from Jesus
With eternity in view?
Can you still reject His mercy
When you hear His call so true?
You may almost come to Jesus,
But “almost” will never save;
For the soul that “fully” trusts Him
On the cross His life He gave.

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