Saturday, February 7, 2009


SUNDAY:kid's choice**burgers** chicken, salad, Honey-wheat Choc. Chip muffins

MONDAY:kid's choice***sausage quiche, salad, muffins, pear sauce***brisket, potatoes, brussel sprouts

TUESDAY:soaked oat groats*** Tuna Helper Scratch, 4 grain muffins, tomato salad***chicken, seasoned potato wedges, salad, slaw

WEDNESDAY: soaked corn grits*** Brown Rice Goulash, green peas, slaw, No-bake cookies** Chicken Fajitas, No-bake cookies

THURSDAY:Whole Wheat Blueberry Cake***Baked Salmon Fillets, purple hull peas, sauteed squash, leftover cake***Italian Baked Chicken, creamy whole grain pasta, broccoli

FRIDAY: kid's choice***Taco Soup, guacamole and chips with salsa*** Potato Hotdish, corn, green peas

SATURDAY: Pink Coconut Rice***chicken and potato wedges, Sweetheart cookies (above)*** Spiral Ham for my sweetheart, mashed potatoes, green peas, SweetHeart Cake (cook a regular cake in 1 square pan and one round pan, split the round cake and place against the square cake to form a heart, place on foiled cardboard and frost)


Organized Nutrition said...

OH, I am soooo making the honey wheat CC muffins today! Mondays is Muffin making day at my house.. .and these sound GREAT!!!!!!!! THANKS so much for a great blog donna!

Joy said...

Thanks for all your recipes! I have used so many lately and I just want to tell you what a blessing you are to me!

Organized Nutrition said...

OK, I sooo made these this morning (the honey muffins!) They are great!

Donna said...

I had to make another batch today because one hungry teenager eat all of the others! I was out of choc. chips so I used a tablespoon of sprinkles! I could eat them all by myself! :-) So glad you liked them!

thank you, I feel the same way about you!