Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gratituesday..seeing fruits of growth

For Christmas, my oldest son was given a gift card for a certain area. He found what he needed from there but wanted to buy something special with what was left. He even made a few phone calls about what and where and how to do this.
Well, the very special part was that HIS extra $ on his card was spent on ME! (sniff, sniff)
The gift was great! It was so perfect and so me! BUT...the best part was seeing this child be so selfless! He could have spent the rest on himself! There's ALWAYS more STUFF to buy!
But nope, he used it to give me a little gift!
I was so thankful to see such generosity as I see my not-so-little boy...growing up! (sniff, sniff, waAAAhhhh:-)
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Organized Nutrition said...

AH, aren't those things the best..????
My kids haven't done that yet (I have no doubt my 8 yr old would though!) But they do give me all their Kit Kat Bars when they get them at school parties... LOL!

CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home said...

How sweet...love it! My daughter tends to be like that, too. We're raising selfless... the way the Lord asks us to.

CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home said...

(Meant to say we're raising selfless children...I guess I left out "children") Sorry!

Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I came over from GratiTuesday. What a precious child you have! Evidently, you are doing a very good job of parenting. Keep up the good work!

Farrah said...

That's wonderful! What a good boy!

Marnie said...

What a great son!! Doesn't it just bless your heart when your children are so thoughtful! You are doing a great job, Mom.

(P.S. I added a little something to my silly tumbleweed post just for you. I also turned it into my Gratituesday post.)