Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Herbs 101: Rosemary

Rosemary is often included when I place my orders for herbs with The Bulk Herb Store.
It is probably my favorite herb to cook with because it seems to work with anything! No, I don't usually add it to my tea unless someone has a cold or cough. If someone is sick, I often will add it in the mix.
It is not only used as a cough and cold remedy, it's used for a number of female problems, brain power, fighting depression, nervous fatigue, and several other things.
Recent studies that I've read suggest that it is useful in fighting cancer as well. It seems that it may help to block carcinogens.
But all around, the flavor is unbeatable and it goes well with poultry, beef, soups, and even breads! I add to almost every savory dish that I fix.


Joy said...

How do you know so much? I could pick your brain for days! HA LOL!
I need to get an herb book..any reccomendations?
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Donna said...

There's a good one at the library.

LeatherneckJoe said...

Garden Harvest Supply is a good source for potted herb plants. They offer four different varieties of Rosemary.

Organized Nutrition said...

WOW, who knew...
I have NEVER (shame shame) used rosemary... I KNOW.... UGH!
I bought a bottle of it (I know NEVER as good as fresh) but I haven't used it yet... it has been 2 months... DOUBLE UGH!
Maybe you could pass on a GREAT recipe for this??????

Donna said...

Here's a flatbread with rosemary:

And another:

You can use it with roast or stews and soups with beef.

It is very good with any poultry, --mixed with sage and thyme is even a better taste in poultry!

You can use it on some sauteed veggies, like zukes, onions, other squash, even potatoes!

Any Italian or tomato based dish.
Just about anything!!!

Organized Nutrition said...

I will have to try some of those!!!
So excited! It smells soooo good, I am hoping it will taste just as good!!!!