Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Xylitol is working hard for me these days!
My poor children have been blessed with some DNA that carries dental issues!
This week we learned that our xylitol seems to be helping some of our troubles.
One of my sons has had 2 teeth on 'watch' for several months, but the good news is that they have gotten NO worse. (A true record-breaker for this kiddo!) The only thing that I've been doing differently is making the kids take a pinch of xylitol after they eat anything.
I've also tried with a little success to make my own 'mints'.
For more info about xylitol, visit Dr Ellie


FromThe Creek said...

I like to use Stevia for sweetening too!

My son just got his teeth sealed BTW after watching two for a while :(

Carey said...

I'm a huge believer in the powers of xylitol. I only use Squigle xylitol toothpaste. Works for me too!