Friday, February 20, 2009

The Ketchup Quiz at my house....

I think I may have mentioned a couple of my kids' love for this sugar-laden condiment....and I also know that it's not the healthiest thing on the block. I have tried the NT version and it floated like a rock!

So....anyway.... back to the mess in the picture!
I can buy those smaller bottles of ketchup for .89 (unless there's a really good sale and/or I have a coupon) and the larger bottles in the pic for 1.29. (again, unless there's a great sale ...but this time of year, not likely)

I bought this giant can for under $4. Like $3.80.
How much did it fill?
It filled 2 of the .89 bottles and two of the $1.29 bottles, which would have totaled $4.36!
Saved .56.
Hmm, wonder if I could find an even cheaper can somewhere to save even more!
(***Special note to moms. When several of my kids were little, they had a terrible time with ketchup. If I didn't wipe it right off their little faces, it would nearly blister their skin. It also often caused diaper rashes! Yeah, I know!...but just in case you ever wonder :-)


Belle said...

I was just wondering... If you buy stuff in a bigger can like ketchup, applesauce, etc once you open does it have to be refrigerated? That is my only problem when I look into purchasing big cans- Having to store it all in my fridge.

Sonshine said...

I buy 3/44oz(132oz) big bottles at Sams for $6.52. I think they have big cans too.

I have one now that gets red marks on their face from the ketchup. I just figured it was from the tomato acid in the ketchup. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the coffee cake. :)

Joy said...

Oh I am so glad to see that my children aren't the only ketchup lovers! My oldest loves it and its it on everything, my son doesn't really care for it but will eat it sometimes, and the baby she likes it too but not like her sister!
WE are constantly buying it!
Thanks for the tip!

Donna said...

Yes it would...or you could freeze some things.

I have bought applesauce, used some, and made fruit leather with the rest. Just an idea?

I've found applesauce to be a worthy investment and worth any trouble to store love it...and it's a good sub for oil in quick breads and muffins, it also is good with any breakfast cereal as a side or mixed in. (It helps cool down a hot cereal!)

Organized Nutrition said...

Donna... Reg Ketchup is FULL of HFCS... UGH! We buy the Heinz Organic at Sams... the cheapest way to buy that! I would love to save money also (actually we used to buy ketchup cheap and stock up on it... ) but now I can see the HFCS working on my kids when we GO OUT TO EAT... UGH!

Donna said...

I know! I know! :-)

I haven't been able to make a switch at the local stores yet. Sam's isn't an option for me right now. I have tried the NT recipe, but like I said, it floated like a rock!