Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Frugal Lady....

This week, What's Working for Me, is reading about how others save and live the Frugal Life!

My husband sent me a link from Fox News that had done a special report on this lady's blog.

Living on $1,500 for One Year -and by the way, she lives in New England! Not the easiest place to live on a frugal budget!!

Learning from others! That's what WORKS FOR ME!

(Do you have a 'frugal blog'? Would you post here and link me to it? I would love to learn more from you too!)


Heather@justdoingmybest said...

I agree with you that we can learn so much from other people, especially frugality. You asked us to post about other frugal blogs, so I would like to share mine.

While I discuss frugality often, it's not the only topic. Thanks for asking and I hope you enjoy it!

Jane Anne said...

I agree with you on this one. That is one reason that WFMW is great- I often get good frugal tips on WFMW posts. And, I am going to stop back by later to see all of the new links you find.
My latest post: WFMW: Free Magazines

Rona's Home Page said...

Interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Joy said...

I love
they have a new freebie download every day to be used in schooling some really great stuff and they also have where they offer a free listening download a week. Some really good stuff.
I also like
but I think you rank right up there with the best frugal sites!;)

Donna said...

Heather and Jane Anne- Thanks for posting!!!!-and linking!
Rona, hope you find some helpful info there!

thank u so much 4 the compliment!
I love those freebie sites! I usually go to the first one you mentioned every day.

Organized Nutrition said...

UGH, she closed down her blog.... GONE... I wonder if people were harrassing her... UGH!

Donna said...

I wonder why?
Oh was good, lots of tips. Sad days!