Friday, February 20, 2009

A snack for kids or rabbits.....

Today for the little munching munchkins, we fixed up a bowl of organic carrot sticks with a bowl of their favorite dip and a bowl of my 'refrigerator pickles' which they loved (now they've been in the fridge for several months!
(There's several versions of these pickles on
I made them as per my neighbor. Filled a jar with sliced
cucumbers, about 1/2 to 3/4 cup vinegar, an onion sliced up,
and I tossed in a few shakes of dried dill and a pinch of minced
garlic. Top with filtered water. Store in the fridge; the longer
they are there, the better they get!)


Marnie said...

Very healthy snack. That sounds like a nice, easy way to make pickles. I will have to try it soon.

Joy said...

Very yummy! I did freezer pickles which are kind of like that but you can freeze them too..oh that reminds me I need to put more in fridge!
But we are being bad tonight and having pizza! shhh...
I am getting back to emailing you about the garden I have been out all day! eerrgghh those days are hard.
thats why we are having pizza

Donna said...

Marnie and Joy,
These have been in there since summer. My kids won't eat them at first because they say "they taste like cucumbers"...'magine that!

But after the've been in there for a lonnnng time, they'll eat them!

Freezer pickles? you must share that some time!:-)