Friday, February 20, 2009

Oilllll eeee Oliiiiive

That's something like what I heard when I brought in this can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
You know? From the uhmm...The Godfather? (Then I had to hear about the scene where one of these cans was brought to so an so, then he was given a kiss, and then...well...anyway..)

I had the boys figure up my savings on this big can of oil.
One of the normal brands that I buy (in a small bottle) is 22.6 cents an ounce.
(Coupons can sometimes be found, so that would lower it some.)
This can was 18.4 cents an ounce. (1o1 ounces)
The savings = $4.24!
Not bad!

TIP: look at those little labels on the shelves that tell the price. Often they will tell you the price per ounce as well!!

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