Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unlikely sources....

This evening, I snuck out to finish up my once-a-month-shopping.

I always try to squeeze in a run to the Dollar General Market. There's several things that I can get there cheaper-than any place else in town right now. (We do have an Aldi coming! I can hardly wait!!)

They have an isle in the back that I sometimes skip if I'm in a super big hurry but tonight, there were little treasures there for me! I found herb teas back there for $1 a box! Chamomile and Peppermint! Mmmm! I've kept postponing my order to the Bulk Herb Store so I was delighted to find these nice little treats, tucked away, just for me! ;-)

It's always a good idea to scout out your local stores and find out which isle they put the markdowns on and go through it every time you visit that store. Some stores even have a markdown section in their cold food area! (We found Egg Nog at Christmas for $1 a bottle!!)
--here's to keepin' it frugal!!!


Marnie said...

Great tips. I always check the "healthy" dairy section at my grocery store on Sundays. I can find organic milk marked down half price. I usually can't afford to buy it otherwise. Last week I found a quart of organic half and half for $1.49. I was very happy to have that!

Joy said...

Great idea! I love the clearance isles!
I am going that way today did they have anymore teas left? I have a coupon for some that I got in the paper sunday.
I love the Dollar General Market!
Even though I only get to go there every now and then it is a great treat!
I can't wait until the Aldi's comes in either! Next month isn't it? Yipeee!!! Woo Hoo!

Donna said...

$1.49???? WOW! You did find a bargain!...Maybe I need to shop on Sunday more often!

Yes March! Yippee!