Monday, February 9, 2009

Bulking Up to Keep it Frugal.....

My kitchen tip this week is two-fold!
Keep things in 'baby steps' when making changes in your kitchen.
Are you trying to go 'more healthy'? Baby steps may work best on your pocket book and your family's approval.
Bulk Up!
A great secret to a kitchen that keeps the home-bodies fed is always having food around!
Buying in bulk can save $$$ and, it helps insure that there is always something on hand to whip up in a hurry!
Acquaint yourself with basic quick-bread and/or muffin recipes that can be mixed and baked quickly for a snack for little ones or if a surprise guest stops by. Quick breads and muffins can stave off any appetite with a cup of coffee or tea!
(Many muffins and quick breads will store well in the freezer and can be warmed in just a few minutes in the oven wrapped in foil!)
Buy bulk hamburger meat and a few other pantry staples when they are on a good sale and keep a few in the back of the cupboard for those "every body's starving I gotta hurry" meals or when someone unexpected drops by!
It will keep things frugal and help you to be more hospitable as well.
It will save you from ordering take-out and even a quick run to the store can cost a fortune if you are out of a lot of basics. So, buy bulk, on sale, and be prepared!
(For the best stocked pantry that I've ever seen click here and watch the slide show! You'll be amazed and hungry!)


Joy said...

Thanks for the tip! Oh and that! It is so wrong to covet, but man I would love a pantry that size! and wow the organization there!

Donna said...

She had this pantry built in her garage and she has a window air conditioner unit in there to keep it cool, to preserve the foods!
I love it!!!

Gretchen said...

I could not agree with you more!

Sonshine said...

Great tips! I can't tell you how many dollars my pantry/freezer stockpile has saved my family from the "takeout foods"!

Now to convince the hubby that having a pantry like hers is worth it! :) LOL! :)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Great tips!