Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After School.....

Just because most of the books are put away doesn't mean that its time to put the learning away!
(Learning 'after school' Works For Me!)
Two of the boys in the picture below are working on the computers doing their 'typing'.
My little girl is in a chair with the above book in hand reading to her brother (we were so excited to see the library get these- we've seen them at BAM and long coveted them).
One of the boys is waiting for a turn on the pc.
Another of the boys is trying to figure out the above project from the library copy of "The Girls' Book of How to Be the Best at Everything" so he can show her how to make the above (little yarn pom-pom balls).
And one little fellow is standing there thinking that he is actually going to dodge my flash!
BTW, we did get the boys version of the book above once too. Some of them didn't find it too fun to find their pj pant legs tied together, while others thought the book was a blast! Go figure!
Either way, they were learning and reading and that Works for Me!

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Susan said...

Maybe because I'm a former teacher (or maybe it's why I BECAME a teacher), but I love this idea. Learning is great any time!