Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WFMW---- yorkie questions!

Okay, it's backwards WFMW!
Questions about dry skin on yorkie!
I have two but one has the wire type hair and prone to extremely dry skin. She has been seen by a vet and he just labeled it 'dry skin' and tried to sell me a teeny weeny bottle of stuff for a small fortune!
I bought several products for this; oatmeal shampoo and conditioning spray.
I scrubbed and scrubbed her last time I gave her a bath and it seemed to help getting the dry skin loosened up and she didn't do the normal yipping, biting, yelping, etc that she usually does after her bath! (whew!)
I'm trying to wait to bathe her for 2 weeks or more. They suggested 4 weeks but.....
Any suggestions for dry skin products??? Any frugal home remedies???
Conditioning suggestions for her hair and skin type?
Also she is on a good food, not O'roy ;-)
Thanks for any advice! Have a great WFMW!
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Stefanie said...

I had a yorkie with this same problem. I found that avoderm wet food was really good and also the supplement by the same company - not sure the name of the supplement but you just add it to the food. The Avoderm is made for pets with dry skin.

Anonymous said...

Add olive oil to the dog's food and brush her frequently to help disperse and stimulate the oils from her skin. I also heard that sometimes it can be caused by an allergic reaction which can be easily treated with Benedryl. Yorkies are so tiny though, I'd probably use that as a last resort.

wherelifebecomesart said...

A raw egg every few days solved this problem on our dog. Olive oil also worked, just not quite as well for our dog.

Joy said...

I had a westie that had the same thing, and well there was usually a culprit behind the dry skin. Sometimes it would be a flea bite then the bit would become a hot spot and so on and so on, until we gave him a cortisone shot to stop the inflamation. Now this was when we first got him and I didn't treat him for fleas. After that shot we started treating him for fleas, with the stuff from the vet. That really helped, and we had to make sure he didn't eat anything from the table just dog food and certain chewies and treats. He was a very dry skinned dog I felt really sorry for him! He would scratch and scratch and that would make it worse. So we did all that kept him on his science diet dog food because it seemed to not bother him as much then we would just really watch him. I had him groomed as well and only washed him once a month and that was at the groomers and she use and extra conditioning shampoo that didn't bother him. If we let him have one thing from the table or get into something outside he would break out again! I had to keep the flea stuff on him too no matter what even in the winter. (I guess we can pick one up here or there and well they would always bite him!) He never had fleas though, so that was amazing oh and I remember one time it was a mosquito or something that bit him while he was outside doing his buisness.
I have heard the eggs work too but we never tried them on him I was too scared because he had a finicky stomach as well.
Poor thing..I hope she gets better soon!

Donna said...

Thanks for all the great tips!

Sounds like the exact same problem with Penny!