Monday, April 6, 2009

...just a reminder, compost time!

My kitchen tip this week is a friendly reminder to start those compost buckets back up!!! That is if you stopped for winter! ;-)
I've been saving milk jugs for about a month and cutting the top out, while leaving the handle. I keep one or two beside the trash can for convenience. I have the boys go dig a little hole in the garden and bury it, a few buckets at a time. It's gone before they get back to the same area!
All of my fruit and veggie scraps are being tucked in there along with all of my egg shells, coffee grounds, and used tea and tea bags.
I read that tea bags are good for certain berry bushes and grape vines because it adds acidity?!?!
Now, to figure out how to keep puppies out of them!!!
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Sandra said...

I've never heard of anyone burying it in their garden. We have 2 large compost piles. We don't have trouble with our dogs, but we do have 20 chickens that LOVE it.

The Blossoming Skillet said...

Composting has totally changed our garden within the past few years. Our soil is so soft. Happy gardening!

Kirstin said...

I started a compost pile too. I never thought of burying it right in the garden.

Becky said...

I love the thought of just burying the compost. I even have 2 boys who will love the chance to dig in the garden. Now to get the ground thawed! Thanks!

Organized Nutrition said...

we tilled our winter pile in last season... LOL, we had lots of LITTLE plants (cantalope, tomatoes, etc..) come up.. it was very fun to see!
We do compost piles now since I think I need to spread our compost all over... we have a HUGE garden and CLAY... so alittle here and alittle there!
COFFEE grounds (not decafe) are great for your compost and berry plants also! I get mine from friends since we do not drink it here!